Our wallet is specifically designed to make staking easy for everyone, without having to worry about advanced features.

All you need to do in order to participate in staking is unlock your wallet and let your coins mature!

$MONK combines the benefits of high staking rewards with control over inflation and a low total supply of 100.000.000 coins

Unique POS system makes SUPER and ULTRABLOCKS available 24/7 and prevents abuse of the ROI system by locking wallets.


365% ROI

All other blocks


730% ROI

Block # ends on 6 or 9


1850% ROI

Block # ends on 2

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With a short delay of some days (we are sorry) we present you our updated $MONK Homepage for 2018!

https://t.co/6H2fJWxQip is LIVE !


MN Specs for the upcoming Implementation

Pure POS
Mature 8h
Masternode 1500 $MONK

Rewards ( 60% MN / 40% POS )

7x Normal 13.5 $MONK
2x Super 17 $MONK
1x Ultra 20 $MONK

Each 100k Blocks rewards will be reduced by 20% up to a total of 60%

$MONK Masternode Collateral = 1500

what timings! accumulate now on the dip when it is trading at 70k+

#masternodes #passiveIncome #BitcoinDoesNotMatter #PoS

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