Our wallet is specifically designed to make staking easy for everyone, without having to worry about advanced features.

All you need to do in order to participate in staking is unlock your wallet and let your coins mature!

$MONK combines the benefits of high staking rewards with control over inflation and a low total supply of 21.000.000 coins

Unique POS system makes SUPER and ULTRABLOCKS available 24/7 and prevents abuse of the ROI system by locking wallets.


13.5 MONK

All other blocks



Block # ends on 5 or 8



Block # ends on 1

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This Weeks Roadmap ( sorted by Priorities )

#1 Release Wallet 2.0
#2 Host a new Block Explorer
#3 Update EXISTING Exchanges
#4 Prepare CE Listing

We will set Cryptopia into Maintenance tommorrow and prepare the update to be ready on their site on 26th of April.

$MONK New wallet 99% done - running a short test-net period now, then we compile and release the new Wallet within next 24 hours!

New wallet will be announced within the next 3 days! As soon as all is finished, we release it. The waiting is finally over. Have a nice rest of weekend! Once we started to compile Wallets we will let you guys know so you can update as soon as possible.

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