Important News about upcoming changes !

Wallet Status

Chain is working, Bugs are fixed, Tests are running. We hope to release within the next 2 weeks. We will put Cryptopia and Cryptobridge in Maintenance again then.


As many have already recognized the new MN Structure (fixed POS) went successfully live with the latest Wallet update. Once Masternode Wallet is ready the Proof of Stake rewards will be shared with the Masternode holders (60% MN / 40% POS). We already reduced the coin supply from 100.000.000 $MONK to 21.000.000 $MONK since we dont have to be afraid of any inflation anymore. We have a regulated supply of new coins for every day!

Sync Issues

You dont have to worry anymore – the new Wallet is a complete clean wallet using latest technology possible! It will come with MANY new features we will present in detail shortly. The problem with wallets getting out of sync is completely gone then!

Masternode Sites

We are already in contact with the following pages to be listed on: ( we will be listed on “Coming Soon” shortly )

New Exchange

We will be listed on Coinexchange with Masternode Wallets as our FIRST new Exchange – if we get more Volume we will see to get listed on even more exchanges.