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Since we got in contact with Cryptopia and were informed that they wanna support a swap we still decided to not keep our coin on Cryptopia.
The Reasons:
1) Fee to just **keep** our listing would be 6BTC!
2) Update / Swap process takes minimum 30 days
EVERY User is told to withdrawl their coins before Block 142000 which will be our official Snapshot Block. If you got coins left on Cryptopia after Block 142000 they can not be swapped. Please make sure you will withdrawl all of your coins this week to a local wallet as soon as possible.
New Exchanges instead of Cryptopia?
We will get in contact with KuCoin and YoBit now. Both perform way better in daily trading volumes then Cryptopia does. and Crypto-Bridge are already prepared to list us after the swap.

## UPDATE FROM MONK 12th of July 2018 ##

CryptoBridge will fully support the coin swap and we will keep our listing.

## UPDATE FROM MONK 10th of July 2018 ##

We are happy to announce that we finished our Swap mechanism. We already tested it successfully. Next Step is to manage the handling of the Swap with the exchanges.

## UPDATE FROM MONK 06th of July 2018 ##

## UPDATE FROM CRYPTOPIA 04th of July 2018 ##

We got the information that Cryptopia is not happy with how we announced the Coinswap and consider to delist us. They have given us the chance to react to their last official e-Mail. We are now in close contact with them and will inform you how to proceed


As many of you knew already we were working on fixing the chain issues we got faced with over the last weeks and months almost daily. This weekend we tried to implement important stability fixes to make sure that our chain is finaly 100% stable without any forks or other problems. Unfortunately we were not able to find a solution to be presented within the next days.
We now had 2 possibilities:
1 ) Keep on working on the instable chain and hope to find a fix within the next weeks and month
2) Do a clean start and perform a coinswap to a new chain
Since our App is making great progress and is moving forwards with really big steps we decided to not waste any more month on trying to fix a problem we might never be able to fix. So we decided yesterday to move on in direction **2**

What does a Coinswap mean?

A coinswap will mean that we will fork a 100% stable Masternode Wallet and use this as a fundamental for our future developments. This also means that our blockchain will start again at Block 0.

What does this mean to you as a User?

Your $MONK Balance will be moved with a ratio of 1:1 to the new chain. We will perform a Blockchain Snapshot of the current chain at Block 130000-
We will post further information about the Coinswap procedure within the next days.

What about my Coins located on Cryptopia and Cryptobridge?

We contacted both exchanges but still did not get any reply if they will support a coinswap or not. To be sure we tell everyone to move the funds from Exchanges to their Wallet before Block 130000.
An e-Mail with the Information to instant pause trading at their exchanges was sent already. Withdrawls are still possible. Deposits will also be paused.

What about my Coins located on StakeUnited?

StakeUnited will fully support the Coinswap. Your coins are safe on StakeUnited Wallet and they will do the Swap for you.

What do I have to do before Block 130000?

To make the Chain swap as easy as possible every $MONK holder shall combine their Inputs on their Wallets into only one Address.
You should stop all your Masternodes before Block 130000 and make sure you send all your coins to one receiving address. You can still stake until Block 130000 but please make sure all $MONK are located in one single Input before the Chain Snapshot will happen.
Every Stake past Block 130000 will not be swapped. It is up to you if you wanna keep the Wallet open after this Block but all stakes generated are worthless. The amounts on Block 130000 are the amounts that matter.

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