With our latest App update we set the fundamental for our future development in 2019. We will guide you step by step through all our development that happened in the last two months in this blog post.


Many of you were aware that we have had a very postitive partnership with Coinexplorer and made use of their great API for our own App MONKEY TRACKING.With the latest update we stopped using their service and we will explain our decission in detail:

In the last weeks and months we have decided to add a second development Team to start working on our own Platform to review Projects, deliver detailed Information about Blockchains and many more features we will present with a first prototype in Q2 2019. This decission gave us several problems since a platform like this will need many coins ( way more then Premium currencies available in the App ) to deliver a wide portfolio of informations.The App and our new project have to work independently and it can not rely on second parties. Also each new currency will create costs to get listed on Coinexplorer to make use of their API and service. With more coins being added to our environment more Wallet updates, maintenances, chain rollbacks would appear and those needed to be maintained.

We had some very problematic situation to handle at the end of 2018 because we had no own API / Explorer to deliver all needed informations to our App and our upcoming project.

In 2019 our team of App and Blockchain developers started working on our in-house explorer solution to make all known features possible without any second party.

Today we are very happy to announce that the latest App Update from 15th of February switched off the Coinexplorer API and we now use our own source to maintain all informations. We are now able to adjust our own explorers based on wishes by the community to deliver as many information as possible. We can now also proceed to work on our new project since we have now a fundamental to deliver as many information for as many currencies we like.



With finishing our in-house explorer solution we are now able to accept new currencies. We offer different packages to allow listing of other projects based on their budgets.The standard listing includes a simple integration into our Application without any additional features. We implemented an Admin interface for each coin giving them detailed information about how many Users use our App to monitor their currency in real-time. With Premium and Pro packages also comes the possibility to directly send push messages to their users to inform them about important updates or publish important announcements directly to the Users. Only Users monitoring a certain currency will receive those informations. We also allow those coins to setup an AD for a certain time on one of two places available.


MasterCoin is LIVE with the latest App update.


In the current state of Proof Of Stake/Proof of Work/Masternode coins, there is a growing need to build a platform where users/communities can review and rate projects based on their experience. And on the other hand a place where investors can do their due diligence based on decentralized community driven data. We are developing a one-stop platform where users will find most accurate and detailed market cap rankings, charts, data, user reviews & rating’s for coins & services, furthermore investment comparison for Your favorites Coins.


Since the Explorer is now fully integrated into our App the next milestones will be worked on.


Users will need to buy a premium Account ( with $MONK ) to monitor other currencies in our Application.


You will get a push message once a certain mini- or maximum price is reached.


You will be able to verify your Masternode directly in the App. Verified MONK Masternodes will receive shares of the premium Fees generated. The longer you hold your coins the more rewards you will receive.

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