We will release a new Wallet in the following days blacklisting all Cryptopia wallets. This blacklisting will be done to make sure that our market wont be “liquidated” by Cryptopia, who closed down. Cryptopia holds roughly 200.000 $MONK. **IF** Cryptopia reopens we can whitelist their wallets again without any need of releasing a new wallet version.


The new Block rewards and Collateral will be:

FORK BLOCK ( prob somewhere around start of June ) until Block 1.000.000 [ ~1 Year ] -> 4 $MONK [ 2102400 $MONK per Year ]
1.000.001 – 1.500.000 [ ~1 Year ] -> 2 $MONK [ 1051200 $MONK per Year ]
1.500.001 – 2.000.000 [~1 Year ] -> 1 $MONK [ 525600 $MONK per Year ]
2.000.001 – 2.500.000 [~1 Year ] -> 0.5 $MONK [ 262800 $MONK per Year ]
2.500.001 – END [ ~8 Years ] -> 0.25 $MONK [ 131.400 $MONK per Year ]

New maximum supply 12.000.000 $MONK
New collateral for a Masternode 5.000 $MONK
New share per Block 25% POS / 75% MN

Expected ROI at the Start of new Block reward and new Collateral:

Currently we got 1650 Masternodes = 3.300.000 $MONK
New Masternodes based on current locking = 660 MN
Coins generated per Day after halving = 5760 $MONK ( 4320 for MN )
Expected Return per Masternode per Day = 7,2 $MONK
Return per Masternode per Year = 2628 $MONK ( 52% ROI )

( Those numbers are calculations and will change based on the numbers active on the Network – shall be just some estimate. )

We also want to explain our decissions we made above about changing our blockreward and collateral:

With our current/old blockreward we had a to high inflation by generation roughly 4.000.000 $MONK per year. The daily amount of created coins is not healthy for a market and will lead into a inflation which we wanna avoid at any time. Since we had to update our Wallets anyway to blacklist Cryptopia we also decided to change the specifications of our network.
We also changed the collateral because hosting / running / maintaining Masternodes gets more and more expensive and many investors complained about to high monthly costs to maintain Servers. By increasing the amount of coins needed to run a MONK Masternode we will listen to our community who voted for an increase.

There will be scripts and wallet update scripts to setup / maintain current Servers in the coming weeks.


CryptoBridge will update and stay active as exchange
Coinexchange will update and stay active as exchange
Nova will update and stay active as exchange
Masternodes.online will be paid and will update
Coinomi will update


We are currently in the final talks with CREX24 and hope to get this exchange ready until the start of June. We made nice progress about the listing progress and they would be happy to list us.

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