The day has finally come, weeks and months of development were successful and we are proud of the product we are able to release today.
We started – back in November 2017 – as a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency with an unique reward structure which has been never used before.
Our first important change was the change of our Return of Interest. We started with fixed percentages and switched to fixed block rewards to have a fixed supply and to avoid any kind of inflation.
To successfully improve our Project we decided to implement Masternodes to our coin.
The idea itself was to use the current chain of the old Proof of Stake coin and add all Masternode features to give our investors the possibility to host and run Masternodes without performing any kind of coin swap to another forked wallet.
This has never been done before by any other cryptocurrency and that is why we had to test and code everything on our own. We are really sorry for the delay in development – since we planed to release at the end of quarter 1 2018 already – but it was way more complicated to implement the Masternode mechanics to our current blockchain then expected before.
After couple of month of development we are happy to release the final 2.1 wallet to our community today:
Please find the latest Wallet at our Download section.


Please update all your wallets to Version 2.1.2 before block 122.000 on the chain.
Old wallets will be rejected and won’t be able to stake afterwards.


– Implemented Masternodes
– Implemented DarkSend
– Implemented InstantX
– Coin control overhaul
– Fixed block split feature
– Init and shutdown overhaul
– Implemented zapwallettxes
– Implemented resync
– Implemented reindex
– Implemented new chain folder structure
– RPC console overhaul
– Minor bugfixes and code cleanup


Please navigate to your Blockchain directory on your OS ( AppData/Roaming/monkey under Windows ) and clean the content of this folder except the wallet.dat file and the backup folder.
Please make sure you will not delete this file since this file contains all of your coins.
If you have never used any Monkey wallet on your OS before you can simply run the wallet without any modifications needed.