WALLET We will release a new Wallet in the following days blacklisting all Cryptopia wallets. This blacklisting will be done to make sure that our market wont be “liquidated” by Cryptopia, who closed down. Cryptopia holds roughly 200.000 $MONK. **IF** Cryptopia reopens we can whitelist their wallets again without any need of releasing a new […]


With our latest App update we set the fundamental for our future development in 2019. We will guide you step by step through all our development that happened in the last two months in this blog post. #1 EXPLORER Many of you were aware that we have had a very postitive partnership with Coinexplorer and […]

BETA is LIVE on the APP Stores

We are happy to announce that our Application is approved and listed on the App stores of Android and iOS. Get your version with all of the current features working for your Device by clicking on one of the following buttons: Also a BIG shoutout to the APP DEV Team that delivered it 12 days […]


INDEPENDENT NEWS ARTICLES post a news article about $MONK and our App on your Blog, Medium or Cryptonews page send the link plus some informations to get rewarded up to 250 $MONK – based on quality of content YOUTUBE REVIEWS record a video explaining our project and showing our Application on Web or Smartphone […]


EXCHANGES CRYPTOPIA 100% SAFE TO USE – Cryptopia managed to update to the latest wallet and all is up and running without a problem. CRYPTOBRIDGE & COINEXCHANGE They are currently working on the Walletupdate that is why their exchanges are currently in maintenance. INTEGRATIONS COINOMI Coinomi, one of the first and most famous mobile wallets […]

MONKEY Tracking Update – v0.7

We are currently preparing a big Update on our MONKEY Tracking Application. After we rolled out the Update the App is open to register for 200 people – first come, first serve. If you used the App during the closed Alpha period you have to register again. We also made BITG, BND, APR and ZEST […]

$MONK Website Relaunch 2018

We are happy to release our re-designed version of our official Website today. To celebrate our 1 year anniversary we decided to roll out a new, modern Website with a lot of new information.


We are happy to announce that trading on is now possible. The wallets are on the new chain and everything is ready for you. Enjoy trading:


In this Post we will tell you how you can swap your coins from the old Blockchain to the new Blockchain. #1 RUN THE OLD WALLET #2 RENAME OLD MONKEY FOLDER ON YOUR MACHINE Close the old Wallet. You can now rename the monkey folder on your machine to monkey_old On windows it is located […]


This Page will be updated once we get Status updates or decided stuff so everyone will know what the status is 24 / 7 SUPPORTING SWAP Cryptopia Cryptobridge StakeUnited StakingLab¬† GENERAL Release of New Specs Get a Bot that handles the swap Pause Trading on Cryptopia Pause Trading on Cryptobridge Stop Deposits on Cryptopia Stop […]